Clariant and Mibcon NDC join forces on automated product costing forecast and analytics

Posted on: 08/02/2021, by Martin Anderle - Head of Product & Support of MIBCON NDC

Clariant and Mibcon NDC sign a cooperation agreement to improve and automate the product costing forecasting process by cooperating on the development of a standardized SAP application for the manufacturing industry.

  • Agreement signed today will strengthen collaboration on the development of an SAP product cost forecasting and analytics application for the manufacturing industry.
  • The joint project envisioned by Clariant and implemented by Mibcon NDC has the objective to continuously work on innovation and process improvement and to share the knowledge obtained in the field of product costing with peers in the manufacturing industry.

Muttenz, Prague, 8th February 2021 – Clariant, a specialty chemical company, and Mibcon NDC, an SAP platinum partner focusing on Enterprise Performance Management & Analytics, signed a cooperation agreement to reinforce their collaboration on the development of SAP product cost forecasting based applications for the manufacturing industry and their objective to commercialize it among other industry leaders. The companies are bringing together their industry know-how and cloud computing capabilities to create real-time and precise product cost forecasts with transparent reports using SAC analytics.

“Product costs are particularly complex in the chemical industry, with multi-stage production processes which involve a large number of materials and specific reactions. Imagine trying to forecast precise product margins on a monthly basis for more than 20,000 finished goods made from 50,000 materials,” said Markus Mirgeler, CPO at at Clariant.

Clariant and Mibcon NDC have developed a product costing solution that enables instant calculation for an entire portfolio, including specific mass change requirements, such as price forecasts. This milestone is particularly important given that the application has been successfully implemented and used across Clariant’s 70+ locations around the globe. Since the implementation, Clariant has been able to calculate the impact of raw material future price changes on finished goods instantly, which enables faster pricing decisions needed in volatile markets.

“Due to the COVID-19 situation, we developed a fully remote deployment process, with all project activities delivered purely on-line,” Marek Chobot / Program Manager at Mibcon NDC explained.

“The solution implemented enables a full portfolio simulation - also of different scenarios - within a few minutes and therefore can be done ad hoc any time, while in the past it took several days just for a single analysis with previous tools,” said Robert Vultier, Senior Category Manager of Procurement at Clariant.

The agreement signed between the companies focuses on the continuous innovation and improvement of the application. Processes implemented for Clariant currently cover end-to-end product cost calculation and cost-of-finished-goods simulation using purchasing forecasts. In addition, bill of material simulations, mass changes or material replacement are additional components of the standard functionalities that have already been developed. The next step on the product roadmap is vendor risk analysis based on Clariant’s award-winning holistic risk management and CO2 footprint forecasting for the whole production process.

“Soon we will be holding webinars and presentations showcasing Clariant’s full transformation study and product roadmap to introduce this application to a broader audience,” said Vladislav Štefaňák, Chief Executive Officer at Mibcon NDC.


Vladislav Štefaňák Chief Executive Officer at Mibcon NDC

Martin Anderle Head of Product & Support at Mibcon NDC

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