Data Privacy and Protection for SAP

Posted on: 02/10/2018, by Vladislav Štefaňák - CEO of MIBCON NDC

Data Privacy and Protection for SAP solution is here to help you protect your company's data security in real-time. This SAP Analytics Cloud application is designed for all SAP customers with its goal of monitoring and reporting access to sensitive data based on SAP Read Access Log functionality. The solution is available for companies across many industry segments. It provides easy to use visualizations, dashboards and detailed reports for data access and it can easily guide you to finding out who had accessed a given sensitive information.

Data Privacy and Protection for SAP solution features automated reporting and alerting triggered by users accessing sensitive data, single approach covering SAP systems Incident management and alerting - validation and monitoring of data usage as well as its overview dashboard and detailed reports. It also is compliant with GDPR. Another very useful feature is the sensitive data users log to trace back users who had viewed specified entity.

To list only a few benefits of this solution, it has SAP systems covered out of the box, automatic identification of non-standard data access, elimination of potential fraud behavior, significant improvement for internal audit processes and GDPR data protection coverage.

This solution is available on SAP App Center.