SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud brings a next generation approach to budgeting, reporting and analytics, all integrated in a single, cloud based SaaS application. With intuitive web interface, embedded analytics, visualization features and innovative collaborative tools, SAP Analytics Cloud is easy to use and encourages engagement. Built on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, the application ensures superior responsiveness and computing performance, which can be leveraged for on-the-fly calculations, validations and complex allocations, as well as for concurrent activity of hundreds of users. Combined with advanced audit trail and workflow management capabilities, SAP Analytics Cloud makes a perfect application for creating and executing of timely, accurate and documented budgets.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud software-as-a-service offering is designed for both business and IT. A complete end-to-end SaaS solution that addresses all the analytic needs designed. It offers instant value with pre-built business content and out-of-the-box advanced analytics.

Product sheets

Retail Analysis & Simulation for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Predefined SAP Analytics solution specialized on Retail Analytics and Simulations. Delivering predefined analytics and planning content for classic Retail operators and B2C E-commerce based on our experience from more than 200 data warehouse implementations.

Data Privacy and Protection for SAP

Data Privacy and Protection for SAP is SAP Analytics Cloud application designed for all SAP customers for monitoring and reporting on access to sensitive data. Solution provides easy to use visualizations, dashboards and detailed reports for data access. Solution can easily guide you to the information who had accessed a given sensitive information /e.g. payroll/.

Financial planning in SAP BPC

Take advantage of the best-in-breed planning software and our consulting experience rewarded by several SAP Quality Awards to deliver maximum efficiency and value to your financial planning. Optimize accountability, integrity and accuracy of your budgets and improve your actual performance.

Financial consolidation in SAP BPC

Financial consolidation without appropriate software and methodical support can be enormously stressful and resource-demanding task, both for the holding company and its subsidiaries. With our solution implemented in SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, you can significantly speed-up your closing cycles while meeting all financial reporting and legal requirements, including a complete audit trail.

Liquidity planning in SAP BPC

Reduce liquidity-related risks, lower capital costs and improve your relationships with banks and other stakeholders with our Liquidity planning solution powered by SAP BPC. Take advantage of the best-in-breed planning software and our consulting experience rewarded by several SAP Quality Awards to bring a new dimension to your cash flow and financing planning and decision making.

Intercompany services budgeting in SAP BPC

Bring accuracy, flexibility and efficiency to budgeting and reporting of services that you provide to your intercompany partners. With our pre-defined solution powered by SAP BPC, you can optimize tasks such as assignment of costs to services, allocation of costs to partners, pricing and automatic preparation of invoice attachment reports for the partners. Take advantage of improved allocation accuracy and credibility to improve your total margin while meeting requirements of the holding.

Sales Intelligence for SAP

Don't waste your time by analysing what you could do better. Instead of spending hours staring at spreadsheets and reports, your employees can immediately act on top opportunities. Create more value for your customers and subsequent revenue for your company. Leverage your S/4 HANA, SAP BW, CO-PA, BPC or Hybris with automated insights. Discover missed revenue opportunities and boost sales performance.

Margin Mining for SAP

Do you want to easily get information about key drivers of company growth and top opportunities? And on the other side, where is your margin decline and what are the factors which causing it? Leverage your S/4 HANA, SAP BW, CO-PA, BPC or Hybris with automated insights. Discover key trends in your margin composition and their drivers. Boost business performance.