Intercompany services budgeting

Intercompany services budgeting in SAP BPC

Bring accuracy, flexibility and efficiency to budgeting and reporting of services that you provide to your intercompany partners. With our pre-defined solution powered by SAP BPC, you can optimize tasks such as assignment of costs to services, allocation of costs to partners, pricing and automatic preparation of invoice attachment reports for the partners. Take advantage of improved allocation accuracy and credibility to improve your total margin while meeting requirements of the holding.

Key features

  • Granular calculation of services costs, including allocation of related depreciations of assets used by the services. Efficient collection of related accounting and non-accounting data from SAP and other sources.
  • One- or multi-level allocation of total services costs among partners using allocation keys of your choice. Ability to use different allocation keys in each allocation phase.
  • Calculation and adjustment of prices / revenues by services and partners. Ability to supplement individual calculations with internal and external reasoning.
  • Easy way to prepare and compare any number of calculation variants.
  • Intuitive Microsoft Excel and web interface providing you with powerful planning, reporting and process management features.
  • Robust and high-performance back-end enabling instant calculations and top-down allocations.

Key benefits

  • Streamlined data collection and allocation process freeing-up your time and resources.
  • Improved allocation accuracy, flexibility and precision.
  • Business-user orientation of the application allowing users to make solution modifications and enhancements without IT or external support, thus increasing user engagement and lowering operational expenses.
  • Utilization of existing SAP or MS SQL Server data and infrastructure, significant reduction of data duplication and inconsistencies.
  • Security – full control over individual or department access to data.
  • Methodical support and guidance from our consultants with sound SAP and financial background and experience from numerous implementations.