Sales Intelligence

Sales Intelligence for SAP

Your teams are spending time every day analysing what you could do better, create more value for your customers and subsequent revenue for your company. Can you imagine that by using next generation technology, this process can be very different?

Can you imagine a system that actively mines your data and provides you with core insights directly? Instead of spending hours staring at spreadsheets and reports, your employees can immediately act on top opportunities.

Stories Sales Intelligence delivers automated insights. It also provides root-cause explanations. Typical stories are:

Sales of lager beer are dropping in low-income households over the last 16 months, the decline is uniform across the EMEA region, totalling USD 7.2M.

The top price floor of the ground coffee category is strongly underperforming over the last 3 weeks, thus far losing GBP 2.1M in expected revenue.

Sales Benchmarking and Performance

Leverage your S/4 HANA, SAP BW, CO-PA, BPC or Hybris with automated insights.

Discover missed revenue opportunities and boost sales performance.

Automated insights

Easily answer questions such as:

  • Where are our top opportunities to increase revenue?
  • Where should the sales team focus?
  • Where is our margin declining?
  • Why are we not hitting the target?
  • Which product launches performed the best?
  • Which price reductions have not brought in extra revenue?
  • Why is a product category not performing?

Key benefits

  • Built for sales, merchandising, planning, store performance teams.
  • Quick wins and prioritized opportunities to increase revenue.
  • Prioritized notifications on most valuable trend changes.
  • Shorter time to action, faster execution.
  • Clarity and certainty that the team is focusing on the most profitable issues.

Deploy and Use

The solution can be integrated with your sales data within 8 weeks.

SAP Architecture Integration

Stories Sales Intelligence is fully integrated in standard SAP architecture using SAP Business Objects Cloud and SAP HANA Cloud Platform architecture.