Retail Analysis & Simulation for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Retail Analysis & Simulation for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

We are glad to share with you our predefined SAP Analytics solution specialized on Retail Analytics and Simulations. Delivering predefined analytics and planning content for classic Retail operators and B2C E-commerce based on our experience from more than 200 data warehouse implementations.

We typically see a range of issues when it comes to current data warehouse solutions:

  • Absence of single truth point and single semantics
  • Long time for changes / content additions / insufficient agile delivery
  • Same information duplicated many times for sake of departmental datamarts
  • Complex integration of analytical outputs into decision and operational processes

Data Warehouse Cloud can eliminate all these pain points. More importantly this new platform helps you to enable true self-service-BI for business users and brings unmatched flexibility for content additions and extensions.

To further fast-track your analytics journey, we have prepared a predefined content focused on Retail operators and B2C E-commerce. Which can answer questions such as:

  • Could you enhance the order by offering additional goods and services?
  • Why do you have baskets that are not converted to final orders?
  • What you can do to get the customer to take the last significant step?

Aim of solution

Create a base but full-scale model of all significant processes in Retail to be used as starting structure for BI architecture and departmental analysis and planning:

  • Deliver predefined content focused on full customer journey from initial contact from various contact points, selection process and full view through order, invoicing, shipment and post-sale services, including full financial background.
  • Deliver detailed stock and logistic analysis with focus of logistic effectiveness, idle stock and logistic process management.
  • Envelop the core sale processes with back office and cost data so full PL view can be achieved.
  • Measure and manage the client acquisition costs and promotion effectiveness


  • Departmental analysis and reporting content for Sales, Marketing, Product, Finance, Logistics and HR
  • Detailed business function planning and forecasting
  • Extension of existing SAP Business Warehouse or separate full-scale data warehouse

Time to delivery:

  • 8 – 16 weeks

Solution Key Features

Customer journey:

  • Imagine tracking your customer journey in your e-shop from the initial contact, through evaluation, order, payment, shipping and additional services up to final delivery.
  • Segmentation, Basket analysis, Customer journey in e-shop, Payment and shipping details
  • Internal order processing, Internal / External delivery, Customer churn, Customer attitude, Customer satisfaction

Idle stock & logistics:

  • A bad decision in purchasing can cost you not only the price of the goods and lost margin, it’s much more.
  • Order analysis and history, Turnover and purchasing coordination, idle stock promotion / sales

Pricing, Cost controlling & Full PL view:

  • Margin analysis, promotional and standard margins, product lifecycle monitoring.
  • Detailed cost origination analysis. Overhead cost breakdown. Variable and linked cost analysis and forecast. Personnel cost forecasting including manipulation personnel for peak periods.
  • Full PL view of company, segments, regions.

Architecture and realization

Solution prerequisites (licenses):

  • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud
  • SAP Analytics Cloud BI and Planning
  • Mibcon NDC Retail Analysis and Forecasting

Note: full implementation can be performed remotely as the whole platform is cloud based. Solution delivery scenarios range from detailed full integration scenario, where existing data warehouse are leveraged to full green field implementations.

Connectors available:

  • SAP S/4
  • SAP BW
  • SAP SuccessFactors
  • Direct integration leveraging OData interface
    • Point of Sale solutions
    • E-shop solutions (e.g. Shopify)
    • HR solutions (Workday)