ČEPS is national provider and developer of the Czech power transmission system.

Integrated financial planning, liquidity planning and dashboarding

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Prague, Czech Republic


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Power transmission

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Business need
The main goal of ČEPS was to improve flexibility, efficiency and precision of its strategic planning and what-if modelling. Using a rigid planning application and a mix of spreadsheets, it was getting more than challenging for the controlling and treasury departments to fulfil information needs of the board.

We have developed multiple SAP BPC applications for ČEPS:

  • Strategic planning.
  • Dashboard-based revenue and CAPEX modelling.
  • Consolidation of plans of subsidiaries.
  • IT services budgeting and allocations.
  • Detailed liquidity planning and dashboarding.
The solution won SAP Quality Award (GOLD, CEE region) in 2011.

The project has been delivered by consultants of the MIBCON Group.

Key benefits

  • What-if analyses calculations sped up from hours to instant.
  • Lower capital costs, reduced liquidity-related risks and improved relationships with capital providers.
  • Massively improved flexibility of planning, allowing to elaborate number of alternative scenarios in short time.
  • Integration of detailed department models. Significant reduction of data duplication, inconsistencies and human errors. Improved inter-company information flow.
  • Business-user orientation and MS Excel interface of the application allowing users to make common methodical changes and solution enhancements without IT or external support, thus increasing user engagement and lowering operational expenses.
  • Ability to perform what-if analysis using visually attractive dashboards backed by precise calculation models.

Key features

  • Integrated planning of revenues and expenses, capacity, investments, debts, taxes, cash flow and economical indicators.
  • Modelling of impacts of various financing scenarios (portfolios of financial instruments such as loans or bonds) on cash flow, WACC, debt-equity ratio and other financial indicators using a precise calculation model considering variables such as interest rates, currency rates, issue and payment dates, tax shield and many other.
  • Alert mechanism for values underperforming predefined thresholds.
  • Instant calculations - all final numbers and statements are recalculated in less than 1 second after changing any of the input parameters.