The Football Association of the Czech Republic

The Football Association of the Czech Republic is the governing body of football in the Czech Republic

Sports Budgeting based on SAP BusinessObjects Cloud

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Business need

  • Plan and forecast cost in detail of each planned project and action.
  • Link the cost with appropriate funding, following the set criteria for each funding.
  • Monitor budget data collection and approve each project/action separately.
  • Analyze the budget spending, compare the actual spent immediately as it enters accounting.
  • Allow users to access the solution via pc / tablet / mobile.
  • Enable users to quickly calculate and forecast the figures, utilizing historic data and statistic functions.
  • Quick delivery of solution within given timeframe.

The Football Association of the Czech Republic decided to implement SAP Sports Budgeting which is our unique extension to SAP BusinessObjects Cloud. We started with overall blueprint and continued with implementation of a financial model. The maing goal was to optimized planning and reporting process and allow the key users spent their time more effectively.

The project has been delivered by consultants of the MIBCON Group.

Key benefits

  • 424.560 EUR saved in the budget optimization in the first year.
  • 40% time saved on budget preparation.
  • 45,5 % faster budgeting cycle.
  • Immediate check of funding for each action according to fund-rules.
  • Significant minimization of budget discussions.
“SAP Sports Budgeting led us to completely new view of optimized planning and reporting processes, allowing the key users time to be spent effectively and focused on real value. The system brought us one single true view of the whole organization budget and its spent. We appreciate greatly the approach of implementation partner MIBCON NDC who delivered us the full solution.”
Libor Kabelka, CFO, The Football Association of the Czech Republic

Key features

  • Detail the budget to individual action/project cost analysis.
  • Track and manage budget execution / budget to actuals reporting.
  • Validate and monitor budget spending by funds sources.
  • Automated approval logic and notifications.
  • Full process covered out of the box.
  • Elimination of manual work and mail / phone communication.
  • Complete audit of all steps / tasks during budget formulation.
  • Fully cloud-based solution (minimization of HW and SW requirements).
  • Revenue Funds distribution
  • Overheads Planning
  • One-click analysis