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The Telekom Slovenije Group is among the most comprehensive communication service providers in South- Eastern Europe.

Controlling and Procurement Planning in SAP BPC 10.1 Embedded

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Ljubljana, Slovenia


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Telecommunication services

Business need

  • Forecasting and mid-term planning of OPEX, CAPEX and revenues by projects, procurement categories, accounts and profit centers.
  • Plan new capitalization.
  • Calculate new depreciations from planned capitalization.
  • Analyze the budget spending and compare the with actual spent.
  • Create flexible tool easy to self-maintain according to new business needs.


    Telekom Slovenije decided to implement SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 Embedded based on HANA. The new solution streamlined, improved and integrated the core budgeting processes. SAP HANA database ensure quick response with big data report views and excellent calculation performance.

Key benefits

  • Shorter forecasting cycles, flexible planning model adjustments - enable faster decision making.
  • Improved granularity and integrity of plans allowing better targeted actions and feedback during plan execution.
  • Transparency and accountability – complete audit trail of data and system changes.
  • Business-user orientation of the application allowing users to make common methodical changes and solution enhancements.
  • Excellent calculation performance and report execution thanks to SAP HANA database.

Key features

  • CAPEX planning with calculation of depreciations.
  • Bottom-up OPEX planning.
  • Balance sheet, income statement, economic indicators, KPIs.
  • Procurement planning.